1. A Startup Journey 10 Years in the Making…And Still Going

    Lately, I’ve been following some really good blogs from founders like Dan Norris (WPCurve) and Alex Turnbull (Groove). It’s hard …

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  2. How to Setup a Press Room That The Media Wants

    You’ve decided you want to setup a press room (or media room, if you prefer). Now, what? There is no …

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  3. 3 Valuable Tools That Will Actually Accelerate Your PR

    You know that you want to do more for your public relations efforts, but with so many PR tools and …

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  4. 10 Things Every Media Room Needs

    Every organization needs an online media room (or press room, if you prefer). A media room is an online hub …

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  5. 20 Press Release Ideas Any Organization Can Use

    Despite common calls for the death of the press release, every organization can benefit from the additional exposure a press …

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  6. Press Releases as Brand Journalism?

    Press Releases As Brand Journalism?​ My former PR agency boss and mentor Kathy Keenan was a proponent of using creativity …

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  7. 6 Reasons why your Email Pitches end up as SPAM

    Knowing these common reasons why your email pitches are getting blocked by spam filters might help you recover your belief …

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  8. How to Create an Effective PR Survey

    An infographic from market research company Surveygoo offers up tips for collecting data that really sings. via PR Daily »

  9. 5 Fast Ways to Get Publicity

    Have a press room on your website. This is beyond have a press release there and a few photos. You …

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  10. MyMediaRoom’s New Dashboard

    Our new dashboard is nearly complete. The new MyMediaRoom not only comes with more powerful distribution capabilities, but our dashboard …

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